Integrated IT Management

IT often gets its needed attention only when systems break down, applica­tions do not work or the perfor­mance remains behind expec­tations. But IT’s value contri­bution goes far beyond ensuring reliable systems and running applica­tions. Par­ticu­larly in the finan­cial services industry, IT is an enabler for process and product inno­vations. In order to deter­mine IT’s value contri­bution ade­quately, it must be measured against clearly defined objec­tives and managed holisti­cally. Therefore, an inte­grated approach compri­sing meaning­ful key perfor­mance indica­tors, a power­ful manage­ment tool and an insti­tutiona­lized improve­ment process is required.

Due to numerous consul­ting assign­ments in the financial services industry, METIS Management Consulting GmbH is very familiar with the challenges of effective and efficient IT manage­ment. By drawing upon our client experience, we developed a method that measures the perfor­mance of the IT organization and supports the effective IT manage­ment. The solution has three elements which ideally should be combined although the elements can be implemented as single optimisation initiatives as well:

  • Key perfor­mance indicators: development of a few well-balanced and meaning­ful KPIs measu­ring the IT perfor­mance and facili­tating root cause analysis
  • Management tool: implementation of a cost effective manage­ment informa­tion system (Management Cockpit of BestPractice AG) consoli­dating all relevant IT informa­tion, providing a holistic view allowing for individua­lised analyses and reports
  • Institutionalised improvement process: initiation of a continuous improve­ment cycle which triggers optimi­sation measures drawing on state-of-the-art manage­ment methods

An implemen­tation of these three elements provides the IT organi­sation with a lean but powerful system-based solution, which clearly delivers superior value to the Chief Information Officer and/or IT executives. The presentation “Integrated IT Management” describes the elements of our approach in greater detail.

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