Commerzbank AG

„Effective cost management is an essential part of Commerzbank AG´s corporate strategy. Consequently the bank supported by METIS was one of the first German Financial Institutions, to collect, structure and analyze all cost and space data of the corporate real estate portfolio by following the international recognized ITOCC standard (International Total Occupancy Cost Code).

Project objectives were the development of a consistent data base in order to facilitate internal and external benchmarking, the deduction of an adequate change masterplan and the initialization of a Continuous Improvement Process.

The well-structured data collection and it’s profound analysis by METIS have helped us a lot to secure the transparency of Commerzbank´s Real Estate data and have enabled a national and international benchmarking.

By implementing an integrated real estate database in the course of the project, METIS has ensured that the bank is fitted with an efficient tool to continuously generate standard reports and execute flexible ad-hoc comparisons of key performance indicators (KPIs). Furthermore METIS has provided the conceptual basis to implement a KPI based controlling system in our Corporate Real Estate Management.“


Arno Walter
Senior Executive Manager Group Services - Organisation
Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt/Main